Voyage en angleterre

reprise des cours 4 et 5 juin

Les élèves reprendront le chemin du lycée à partir du 4 juin à 8 h 30 :

4 juin : 8 h 30 17 h : accueil des élèves de première Bac Pro, Terminale Bac pro et terminale CAP

5 juin : 8 h 30 17 h accueil des élèves de 3 PM, de seconde Bac pro et de première année CAP

5 juin : les élèves de première Bac, terminale Bac et terminale CAP auront un EDT adapté de 8 h 30 à 16 h

Les BTS et FCIL ne sont pas pour l'instant accueillis

L'internat est ouvert à hauteur de 50 places (12 internes attendus)

les 8 et 9 juin , emploi du temps adapté

10, 11 et 12 juin , pas de cours : conseils de classe des classes d'examen

Reprise des cours le 15 juin

Très cordialement



50 students in Year 12 had the opportunity to discover the British sun from April 03 to April 09 2016, thanks to 4 fantastic teachers.

All along those 6 intensive days, they were able to open up their minds to the British culture either through different visits, surveys among London passers-by, or their accommodation in English host families. They discovered the English capital city thanks to : the visit of the Science Museum, Harrod’s store, Westminster district (Big Ben, Downing street), The Tower of London, the Changing of the Guards outside Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, China town, Soho, Trafalgar square.

They also had the chance to benefit from a guided tour of the old university town of Oxford and one of its famous Colleges “Magdalene College”. During this trip they also discovered Stratford upon Avon, a lovely city largely marked by William Shakespeare’s life. The students had the opportunity to experiment two different means of transport to cross the Channel : the Shuttle and the ferry.

By being accommodated in host families they discovered the English way of life, the famous English food, and of course they tested their progress in English. And finally, this stay will then be helpful for the Baccalaureat final oral exam in English.

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